Wild Republic Scorpion 12"

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  • Naturally nocturnal, this stuffed animal scorpion by Wild Republic is the perfect cuddly bedtime companion.
  • In the wild, scorpions can grow up to 9 inches long, but this plush toy measures up at a larger-than-life 12 inches.
  • A close relative of the spider, this sand-colored, surface-washable plush toy has 8 hairy legs, 2 front pinchers, and a curled, stinger-tipped tail.
  • This realistic stuffed animal looks just like the real deal, from its claw-like mouth protrusions to its segmented tail to its shiny black eyes.
  • Any kid, teen, or adult will soon develop a soft spot for the stuffed animal version of this hard-shelled arachnid.
The scorpion is one tough predator and can survive long periods of time without food or water, but even the toughest of creatures can’t survive without cuddles. The durable fabric of this unique stuffed animal mimics the durable exoskeleton that can be found on all scorpions in the wild.
But don’t let appearances fool you, this realistic stuffed animal is fuzzy and soft and only wants to snuggle! In fact, scorpions in nature are rarely a danger to humans and can even produce two different types of venom; one for killing prey and another to stun their victims. While its sandy-red coloring is perfect for blending into its preferred desert environment, this versatile creature can be found on all major landmasses except Antarctica.
And the scorpion stuffed animal is the same! It could easily be found in your room, on a backyard adventure, or even in your science classroom! But don’t worry, no matter where you and your scorpion plush toy may roam, any dirt or stains you pick up are 100% surface-washable. Stuffed animal lovers of all ages won’t be able to keep their pinchers off of this one-of-a-kind stuffed toy