Pokemon Pez Dispenser

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Each Genuine Dispenser From Pez Candy Inc Is Individually Packaged And Comes with 2 Pack of Fruit Flavored Pez Candy Refills. PEZ Candy is made in the U.S.A. and is peanut, tree nut & gluten-free. For Ages 3 & up. Great collector's items! Limited Edition! Pez Pokemon Dispensers Can Be Used As A Fun And Unique Party Favor, Cake Topper, Goodie Bag Treats, Pinata Candy, Or Decorations. Makes A Great Gift For Anyone That Loves The Pokemon Cartoons.
Pez Dispensers are an iconic blend of toy and candy that have captivated generations of candy lovers. Each dispenser features a recognizable character or figure head that, when tilted back, reveals a slot for dispensing delicious Pez candy tablets. The refillable design provides continued fun, with a vast array of characters to collect from popular movies, TV shows, and more. Simple, colorful, and entertaining, Pez Dispensers offer an interactive candy experience that transcends typical sweet treats, making them cherished collectibles and delightful gifts for candy lovers of all ages.
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