My Photo Book

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  • oft baby photo book: The soft cloth Safari photo album has the embroidered phrase "My photo book" on the cover and the soft book offers a variety of fabric pages for tactile exploration.
  • Early learning and memory development: Toddlers are hungry to learn all about their new world, and helping them flip pages of images of your loved ones promotes recognition.
  • Belly toy for Babies: Place the Safari Soft Photo Book filled with family and pet images on your child's favorite touch blanket as an activity toy during belly time.
  • Safety gift for babies and toddlers: Moms-to-be and dads will appreciate that this lovely congratulatory gift passes all the proper safety tests for newborns and toddlers.
  • Product of our brand: if you are reading this, you have found a safe toy from a real company and a brand that cares. Since 1978, Manhattan Toy has been a trusted source of imaginative toys for babies, toddlers, and children of all ages.