My Fairy Garden Light Treehouse

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This set includes everything you’ll need to make a special garden for the fairy Amaya and her owl friend Hootie!

Amaya is the keeper of the fairy lighthouse, always ready to shine her light out for other fairies and woodland friends to see when they need it.

The top of the treehouse swivels and turns so you can shine the color-changing light wherever you want!

Once you build Amaya’s garden and start growing your plants, you can have fun playing in your new fairy world! Also makes an adorable night-light!

The box contains a 2-Story Fairy Light House with Swivel Top, Bottom Planting Area, Watering Can, 2 Gardening Tools, Seed Packet, Fairy Seed Starter, Amaya the Fairy, Hootie the Owl, Fairy Flying Cord and a Leaflet