Mindware Make Your Own Bird House Kit

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Invite local birds to your yard with a bird house you make and decorate yourself! Made of thick pine boards that slot together for easy construction, this sturdy birdhouse is designed for outdoor use. The full-color guide includes instructions, painting tips, and advice on how to attract birds to your birdhouse as well as facts about the birds that you may see.

Welcome our feathered friends back to your yard with this little wooden birdhouse. Kids will be able to follow the easy to assemble parts that they glue together. Next, they'll paint the outside and with help attach it to a tree where birds will make their nests. This kit comes with 9 solid-wood pre-cut birdhouse pieces, 13 paints, wooden hanging hook, twine, 2 paintbrushes, craft glue, instructions and full color guidebook to attract birds and identify them. The finished house is about 7 X 8"—a great way to get kids started as birdwatchers. It's marked 5 and up. Obviously younger kids of 5-7 will need more help in the assembly and reading instructions. For them, this will be a good parent-child project. Slightly older kids will be able to do most of this on their own.