Be Amazing Interactive Human Body

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Discover and learn the secrets of the Interactive Human Body. This 14-inch-tall, posable and fully articulated model comes with removable organs and muscles to teach you jaw-dropping secrets of this incredible human machine.

The Be Amazing! Toys™ Interactive Human Body is a STEM toy designed to educate children about the human body, its parts and different functions. Made with top quality materials, this human body is kid-friendly and will offer many fun hours to your young ones along with so much knowledge gained effortlessly through play.

You can set this human body model in several different realistic poses and observe the way the human body moves changes and bends. Try a challenging yoga pose or a funny one just to share a few laughs with your friends while learning.

This body model comes equipped with soft, flexible parts. Apart from being extra fun to handle, they also add a little extra to the realistic representation of the human body.

Once you put together the Interactive Human Body, you will be amazed at the height and articulation! Standing at 14 inches tall, it commands attention and engages children. Plus, the realistic movements built into the joints – your model is ready to interact with you!

  • The Interactive Human Body is a 14-inch-tall, fully articulated and posable human body model. Mimic the movements of real human anatomy and see how we move. Young scientists can get a real inside-look!
  • This STEM educational toy for kids 8-12 will help your children understand their bodies. This realistic model is built as close to the actual human body as possible and will have kids engaged in anatomy like never before, perfect for a future doctor or budding scientist in the home!
  • This human body model for kids comes with 60 pieces for you to assemble, take apart and put back together again! Includes a 19-piece, hard plastic skeleton; 10 removable, squishy organs; 25 muscles; and a body bag to store all your parts, plus a 3-piece adjustable stand to help your human body test out endless poses!
  • Includes 3 colorful, illustrated, double-sided instruction cards that teach kids all about their body and its functions. They’ll be entertained for hours learning all about their bones, muscles, organs and much more.
  • The Be Amazing! Toys™ Interactive Human Body is made with care and top-quality materials and is fully safety tested for kids 8 and up.
  • Contains small parts! Not suitable for children under age 3 years!