Rustik Double Series

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All players must be evenly divided into teams. Each player must be flanked by two opponents and all team members musty have the same number colour markers. Before handing out the cards, one must discard the jokers. To start the game the older player is the one who deals. The games begins with the player to the left of the dealer and moves in a clock wise motion. When it is his or hers turn, the player places in front of his or herself a card from their hand, and then places a colour marker on the corresponding card on the board.
  • Each player must be surrounded by two opponents
  • * All team members must have the same number of color markers
  • * The former player is the only one who deals
  • * Games starts with the player to the left of the donor and moves in a wise clock movement
  • * Requires 2 decks of cards, (not included)