Constructive Eating Construction Plate

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The Construction Plate is designed to fit and work together with the Construction Utensil Set. Construction lines divide each section with specific locations for the fork, spoon, and pusher to park when not being used to eat with.

Constructive Eating removes the taboo from "playing with your food" and combines fun, construction, and mealtime.

The Construction Plate’s patented design features a ramp that leads up to the spoon’s “loading dock.” Using the Bull Dozer Pusher, kids can gather and push difficult food, such as rice or peas, up the ramp and drop them onto the Front Loader Spoon.

Used by occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and special education teachers to promote development, Constructive Eating’s Utensils and Plate help build fine motor skills and independence during mealtime. Both the utensils and plates are manufactured using a combination of smooth plastic and a rubbery one to create an engaging tactile feel and fun details.

Pairs great with constructions utensils which can be found here.