Wild Republic Snake Sequin Blue Camo

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  • This sequin plush toy Snake is a reversible Sequin on one side and soft and cuddly plush on the other side
  • A must have sensory fake Snake toy that is perfect for people of any age
  • The plush sequin Snake measures approximately 54" Long. Aside from playing and Petting this Snake, it will look fabulous on a bed
  • These big plush toys are created with high-quality materials and are surface washable in case you spill on its’ blue Camo scales
Throughout the world, There are more than 3, 000 species of snakes. They are unique animals as they are carnivores without Teeth, meaning they eat meat without chewing. They have flexible jaws that can expand to great lengths, allowing them to fit larger animals in their mouth and swallow them whole.
These zoo stuffed animals are ideal baby toys, toddler toys, baby toys, and kids toys for them to pet and play with. This sequined snake provides hours of play and has both visual and tactile benefits.
Petting the smooth side of the sequins and brushing the sequins to the reverse side Color can be calming and mesmerizing. This plush snake can be a companion to you wherever you go