4M Robot Snail

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  • How it works: The gearbox and articulated mechanism you build comes to life by turning an electric current into kinetic energy in a nice moving-eye esc with two different stride lengths.
  • Great project for family and friends: create the robot esc with friends, or for a fun and engaging night activity. The realistic movement of the esc is 18 cm long when assembled, will entertain you all.
  • Fun facts and easy-to-follow instructions: The illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy to assemble and the fun facts are an added bonus. Did you know that the largest shell of living species can reach more than 88.9 cm in length?
  • Included in the kit: front hinge connector, gear seal holder, battery case holder, rear hinge connector, front body base, front hinge (2), left rear hinge, right rear hinge, short rear hinge, long ankle, medium ankle, motion joint, left eye, right eye, body base, front body part, motor (2), battery case, battery case cover, speed axle, small gear, moving eyes (2), foam foot (4), small screw (5)
  • Necessary but not included: small Phillips screwdriver and two AAA batteries (1.5 volts).