Primo Finger Paint in Carry Case

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Italian design for this practical and versatile case which you can use and reuse. Stick your finger into the pot and feel how this finger paint is pleasant to touch. Take a sheet of paper, of cardboard or even a rock and paint on it. You will see how many nice things you can do. Once you let it dry the results are great and the colour is intense. Out of only six paints you can make 600 colours!
DITACOLOR is produced entirely in Italy with clean energy. It is ready for use as it is. It has a soft and smooth texture, which is pleasant to touch. Its consistency is perfect for painting with your hands. The effect is gorgeous. The colour is vivid, and remains bright even when it dries. It can be applied on various materials such as paper, cardboard, cardboard but also on glass where it creates a beautiful stained glass effect. It is resistant to light and does not fade with time.