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Funny, warm and cheerful, Rosalee always sees the positive side and doesn't let anything upset her. She is always there for her friends and, in her determined way, she manages to keep everyone together, just like the melody of her electric guitar... Incl. silicone bracelet, beads, an electric guitar charm, trading card, stickers, and many accessories. With the integrated AR-feature, you can get a little bit closer to the music world of the EverDreamerz!

The EverDreamerz exciting dream journey continues. This time the magic amulet brings the five friends to the glamorous Music World. Singing talent Starleen is thrilled to finally live her dream of a great pop career. But soon the girls realize that they are trapped in a time loop in which everything repeats itself every day. Lady Nightmares devious plan to keep the friends in Music World forever seems to work out. Of course, funny Rosalee always sees the positive side and plays cheerful melodies on her electric guitar. With her positive attitude Rosalee manages to keep her friends together. Will the EverDreamerz friendship be strong enough to free themselves from the endless beat of this musical nightmare? The playset includes EverDreamerz sunshine Rosalee with electric guitar, silicone bracelet, beads, stickers, trading card and many other accessories. With the integrated AR feature you get even closer to the EverDreamerz Music World. Simply scan the trading card with your smartphone and get the EverDreamerz live experience!