Wild Republic J&Z Elephant Mom and Baby 12"

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  • The mom and baby elephant stuffed animal duo is the key to unlock any heart with its big beady eyes
  • Measuring from the tip of tail to distinct trunk the mom elephant Plush toy is 12 Inches and the baby is 7 inches of pure softness
  • Age is but a number because this stuffed animal is lovable for all ages and makes for the perfect adventure companion
  • Elephants like mud Baths, so you're in luck because this plush toy is surface washable
  • Smiles will grow on the faces of anyone that sees this adorable mom and baby elephant stuffed animal, it's truly a sidekick to be cherished
As the largest mammal on the planet, the Elephant is distinctively known by its floppy ears. Drinking, grabbing, smelling, and eating are all functions of its amazing trunk, helping with day to day functions. It's crazy to think that there are around 100, 000 muscles just within the trunk.
Never eat a meal alone with this buddy by your side, because they're always looking for food and eating around 300 pounds a day to sustain their enormous bodies. Females are called cows, and males are called bulls but don't get confused, we're still talking about the magnificent elephant.