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Hey Grandparents!

Do you wish you had a stronger connection with your grandkids but distance is preventing that?

Welcome to Grand Gifts from Creative Learning Toys, the premium gift service that connects grandparents and grandchildren through thoughtful educational gifts and fun activities!

It is the ultimate gift service that bridges distances and strengthens relationships.

Do you live in a different city than your grandchild? 

 What if there was a way that you could make your grandchild feel special, make them feel appreciated, create a stronger connection between the both of you and would also make you feel happier?

 Why not get them a Gift? 

But finding the right gift can be difficult and time consuming. 

As your grandchild gets older, what is fun and safe for them to play with changes over time.

Their likes and dislikes also change over the years. 

There are literally tens of thousands of items to choose from. With some things that may be popular one year and gone the next. 

So how are you supposed to know what to choose? 

That's where Grand Gifts from Creative Learning Toys comes in.

Our team of expert gift curators here at Creative Learning Toys will work closely with you to create a custom list of gifts specifically tailored to your grandchild. We take into account their age, what is currently popular with kids their age, and factor in their specific likes and dislikes to ensure each gift is a perfect match.

And the best part? We'll send these carefully selected gifts to your grandchild every month, so they can look forward to a new surprise each time!

Creative Learning Toys has been around for over 35 years and has helped 1000’s of grandparents just like you find the perfect gift for their grandchild.

How does Grand Gifts work? 

Once you sign up, you just answer some simple questions about your grandchild such as name, age, gender and their current likes, dislikes and interests.

And we do then rest! We will send them a premium custom gift box tailored specifically to them from you! 

Each month they will receive anywhere from 4-10 items specifically tailored to them. taking into account their age, what is appropriate for that age, what is currently popular with kids their age and factor in their specific likes and dislikes

We can’t tell you exactly what will be in each of the gift boxes. 

But that is a good thing!

We can’t tell you because they are all custom made with each one unique to every customer and their grandchildren.

They are not made months in advance with everyone getting the exact same thing as other services may offer. 

We carry 1000's of items from all different categories so no matter what interests your grandchild has we will have lots of products we know that they will love.

You will be notified by email of what’s in your grandchild’s gift box the day before it gets sent out. So you will be well informed when they call you to tell you how happy they are with what they received from you. 

Here are some examples of what they may receive:

Let’s say you tell us that your grandson or granddaughter is 9 and one of the things they like is Science 

One of their gift boxes one month could look something like this: 

KidzLabs Kitchen Science

Ultralight airplanes 5 in 1

Crystal Growing Kit

Thames and Kosmos robot 

Kidzlab robotic hand 

Maybe you have a new 10 month old granddaughter. One of their gift boxes one month could look something like this:

Douglas Baby Fox Snuggler 

Douglas Lainey Lemon Doll 10" Tall

Yokidoo elephant baby shower

Halilit Baby Rattle 

Or you have a 2 year old grandson 

One of their gift boxes one month could look something like this:

Magnetic Mix or Match Jungle Animals 

Mr. Potato Head 

Hape farm yard peg puzzle 

Hape Push & Run Bunny

Melissa & Doug ABC-123 Block Cart 

Or you have a 5 year old granddaughter who loves girly things with one of the many things she loves to do being dress up. 

One of their gift boxes one month could look something like this:

Great Pretenders Deluxe Star Sparkle Wand

Great Pretenders Bracelet Tints & Tones Rainbow 5pc

Great Pretenders rainbow ruffle tutu dress 

Great Pretenders Petite Purse Shining Star 

Great Pretenders Sweet Heart necklace 

Douglas Purple Monarch Wings 

Great Pretenders Pink Beauty Tiara 

But that’s not all! 

In addition to us curating a custom gift box each month tailored to your grandchild you will also receive these bonuses. 

1) Turn Virtual Calls With Your Grandkids Into Heartwarming Memories

Once you sign up you will receive a document with 11 great tips on how to make the most our or your virtual calls with your grandchildren (A $20 value) 

2) Get The Conversation Started

Each month you will be sent a list of age-appropriate open ended questions to help get that conversation started between you and your grandchild. (A $40 value)

3) Virtual Adventures With Grandma and Grandpa

There are more things you can do then just chat on a video call!

Every month you will be sent a number of activities that you can your grandchildren do virtually.  (A $80 value)

4) Never Miss a Moment: Our Bonus Birthday and Special Occasion Service Keeps the Gifts Coming!

Never miss a birthday or special day ever again. Let us know your grandchild’s birthday or any other special day and we will make sure their gift box for that month arrives in time. (A $100 dollar value)

5)Unwrap The Joy

Our gift wrapping bonus will delight your grandchild with the pleasure of ripping open each item and revealing the surprise. 

We will wrap each individual item in the gift box every month. This gives your grandchild the pleasure of ripping open their gifts and revealing the surprise. (A $45 dollar value)

6) Seal In The Magic

Our satin ribbon adds an extra touch of elegance to your grandchild's gift box every month making them feel extra special. 

We will adorn the premium gift box with a double faced satin ribbon. (A $15 dollar  value)

7) Make Each Gift Box an Experience to Remember!

Let them know exactly who the gift box is for and who it is from. Each gift box will have your grandchild's name cut out and attached to the gift box along with custom from section ensuring they know who the gift came from.  (A $50 dollar value)

8) Unbox the Luxury: Our Premium Gift Box Bonus Takes Your Grandchild's Gifts to the Next Level.  We will send all the wrapped items with a premium gift box every month. (A $50 dollar value)

9) Gifts That Go the Distance

Free Shipping and Tracking Across Canada* and the US*

We will ship each gift box out to your grandchild anywhere in Canada (10 provinces) and the US (48 contiguous states) for free with tracking, so you know the moment that it arrives. (A $50 dollar value)

10) Guide To Growing With Your Grandchild

Our Milestone Bonus Helps You Choose the Perfect Toy for Every Stage!

Maybe this is your first grandchild and haven’t been around a newborn or toddler since your children were little. You will receive a list of children’s milestones and achievements with some suggestions on which toys and activities are best suited at each milestone (A $20 dollar value) 

11) Gifts That Never Miss the Mark

Our bonus gift guide helps you find the perfect present every time. 

You will receive a free gift guide with a list of some of the current most popular gifts for each age group. (A $75 dollar value)

12) Spread Love Effortlessly With Our Bonus Note Printing Service

Brighten Your Grandchild's Day with Heartfelt Messages

Write a note and email it to us and we will print it out and put it in with the gift each month. (A $25 dollar value)

13) Grandparents, Let's Chat!

Our no charge consultation session helps you create the perfect gift experience for your grandchild (A $500 dollar value)

14) Your Personal Gift Guru

Our bonus direct email access connects you to our expert staff, ready to serve you!

You get direct email access to your own personal staff member. We will send you the email address once you sign up. Only members of this service have access to this email 

This way if your granddaughter suddenly falls in love with horses just let us know and we can adjust right on the fly. Or you just found out your grandson no longer likes dinosaurs but is now really into construction. Great! Since all of our gift boxes are custom tailored for you and your grandchild we can easily adapt and change our gift boxes to best suit their likes and dislikes. (A $1000 dollar value)

 We hope you've found these bonuses enticing and see the immense value that our custom gift box service can bring to your relationship with your grandchild. We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our members, and these bonuses are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond.

What we would normally charge for all these bonuses is $1,960 dollars. But for our Grand Gift members they are all included with the service at no charge. 

We hope you've found these bonuses enticing and see the immense value that our custom gift box service can bring to your relationship with your grandchild. We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our subscribers, and these bonuses are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond.

We will create a one of a kind custom gift box tailored to your grandchild and send one out each and every month for 12 months and include all of the bonuses mentioned above. For GrandGIfts members we will do all those things for 1249.99 per month.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Due to the immense amount of time and effort that is required to create these gift boxes we are only opening up 5 spots to new customers this month. 

If that’s not enough to convince you to sign up there’s more! 

We guarantee that your grandson or granddaughter will enjoy what they receive and that it will put a smile on their face each & every month.

If not you can cancel at any time. 

We can only make this type of guarantee because we are confident that we are great at what we do. 

So why wait? Don't let another month pass for your grandchild without giving them a gift that they will truly love. Our monthly subscription service takes the stress out of gift-giving and offers you and your grandchild an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Still not sure? 

Book a no charge consultation session with us today and we will answer any questions that you still may have.

Call 705-472-9832 to book your free consultation session. 

This is a launch of a new service we will be providing at Creative Learning Toys and we need your help making it the best it can be.

As this is a brand-new service there may be things we need to iron out along the way.  Which is why we will be asking for feedback during your membership. 

You will be directly helping our small business grow and will be integral to the success of this service. 

This is also why as a founding member you will be receiving the lowest price we will ever be offering for a limited time.  Once we fully launch this service it will cost anywhere from $300-500 per month. 

But as a founding member you will be getting it for just 124.99 a month as a way of saying thank you for your support. 

Due to the amount of time and effort these gift boxes take and in order to make sure we are providing the best service possible we will be opening up this service to just 5 customers to start.