FR YR Super Chien #2

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Super Chien is back with even more bite! The comic book authors Georges and Harold are a little more mature, finally they no longer make mistakes as in Captain Bobette.

Super Dog, detective, still has one or two things to learn. If only the chief gave him a bone from time to time... Pistachio the cat came out of the bag. His criminal curiosity takes the city by storm. Will our canine crime crunching, half-human, half-dog superhero bring justice or will Pistachio pull off the perfect crime without getting caught?

This action-packed and humorous comic will appeal to recalcitrant young readers.


Super Chien is back and he's got a bone to pick with the world's fiercest feline felon!

Super Chien, the newest hero from the creator of Capitaine Bobette, is still learning a few tricks of the trade. If only the Chief would throw him a bone every once in a while . . . Pistachio the cat is out of the bag, and his criminal curiosity is taking the city by storm. Can the canine crime biter unleash justice on this ruffian in time to save the city, or will Pistache get away with the purr-fect crime?

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