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Christine's parents are very distracted. Instead of going to the hospital to have their baby, they go to the zoo and come back with a baby alligator. After the animal bites everyone, the parents take it back to the zoo and come back with a baby seal. When Christine decides to get involved, she finds her little brother in the arms of a gorilla. Will she be able to bring him home?

One night, Christine''s mom goes off to the hospital to have a baby. But Dad gets lost on the way, and ends up at the zoo instead. When they get home, Christine takes one look at the baby and says, "That's not my baby brother - it''s an alligator!" So the parents go off to the zoo to find their real baby. They bring back a baby seal, a baby gorilla - but no people baby. So Christine has to go off to the zoo and fix things herself...

Original title: Alligator Baby