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It's pajama day at school and Andrew's last pajamas are all holed. So Andrew and his dad go shopping and find the perfect pajamas. The next day, Andrew puts on his perfect pajamas and immediately puts himself to sleep. He sleeps during recess and dinner; he also sleeps all afternoon! The manager can't believe Andrew slept all day until he wore Andrew's perfect pajamas himself...

Tomorrow is pyjama day at school, but Andrew's old pyjamas are full of holes. He and his dad go out to buy some new pyjamas and find the perfect pair on a rack that is labelled Perfect pyjamas.

Andrew brings his nice new pyjamas to school ? but he falls fast asleep as soon as he puts them on! He sleeps through morning recess, lunch, afternoon recess... nobody can wake him up. The principal can't believe Andrew slept through the whole day. He is sure that there is no such thing as perfect pyjamas! Until he puts on Andrew's perfect pajamas... and falls fast asleep.

Original title: Pyjama Day!