Wild Republic Dino Stegosaurus 12"

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  • Bring the thrill and adventure of Jurassic World into your life with this adorable Stegosaurus plush toy
  • From tail, over their unique row of back bones, to nose this stuffed animal measures to be 12 inches long
  • This plush toy is surface washable for all of your prehistoric fantasies to come true, even if that means getting dirty
  • The Stegosaurus is the perfect gift for kids, or a unique gift for any dino aficionado looking for a cuddly, stuffed animal companion
  • Watch your loved ones light up when they see this plush toy, they will never want to put it down
The Stegosaurus was a prominent creature in the Jurassic period When they roamed earth over 150 million years ago. Known for their pointy features, a row of 17 plates along their back could grow to be two feet tall.
The Stegosaurus is a great gift for girls, as well as the perfect Christmas gift for toddlers and elderly alike. Another distinct feature of this prehistoric creature is featured on the tail. Spikes measuring around 3 feet long stick
Out from the tail to defend against others. Despite these Ginormous facts, the Stegosaurus brain was about the size of a walnut.