Creative Kids Blippi My First Science Kit Kitchen Fun

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S.T.E.M. Learning Made Fun

Stem education is important for your child’s overall development. It can improve creativity and develop education skills. This hands-on learning technique teaches kids science and mathematics concepts.

Kids learn to use their critical thinking and examine problems in a way that they can easily find solutions. STEM education prepares children to have valuable life skills that help them to be successful.

Add a Tablespoon of Science to Your Kitchen

Bring scientific concepts into the heart of your home with an amazing kit that provides all you need to create 4 different science experiments. Learn about color mixing and watch a rainbow water walk using milk and soap that’s found in your kitchen.

Create slimy oobleck that looks like a solid and feels like a liquid! Watch a lava lamp bubble and pop with simple ingredients like vinegar and oil. Shake some cream and ice to turn it into real ice cream!

All these experiments are included in this Blippi science kit. Adventure awaits!

Make a sensory test tube, oobleck, ice cream and magic milk in this fun and safe introduction to kitchen science.

Create Patterns in Milk

Experiment with a safe, colorful and fun project using milk from home! Drop fizzing color tablets & dish soap into your milk and watch the magic happen. Observe as the colors dance around and create crazy movement due to the reaction of the dish soap & fat from the milk.

Develop Your Own Ice Cream

Place all your yummy ingredients to your bag and add it to a bag of ice. Shake, shake, shake until the liquids turn to a delicious solid that is ice-cold and tastes like the real thing! Getting hands on with science has never been this fun or edible!

A Lava-ble Experiment

Create your own bubbling lava lamp using oil & vinegar from home. We give you the rest of the ingredients to complete your lamp. Follow along with Blippi to read all about the chemical reactions that happen to form the bubbles that rise and fall. Keep entertained with this mesmerizing experiment.

  • includes graduated cylinder, 1 dropper, 1 mixing tray, 1 colour mixing dish, 9 fizzing colour tablets, salt, baking soda, cornstarch, 1 small reusable bag, 1 large reusable bag and instructions.
  • 4 fun kitchen experiments
  • Join Blippi and experiment with activities that indulge the sense of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste!
  • Discover science and exercise your brain!
  • Combine STEM learning and entertainment for hours of sensory and science fun!
  • All the tools for 5 different activities are included
  • A few household items are needed for some experiments
  • All materials in this kit are non-toxic and safe for kids
  • Adult supervision is recommended
  • ages 3+